Sep 27, 2012


We're The Ernst Family

Why did you start blogging?

I started a blog about 8 years ago when I had time for scrapbooking – you could do challenges and win product, I loved it. And occasionally I would add in some written posts. Then after Brian and I got married and had been through some career changes I started blogging about our life together and the changes that we happening in our lives. But babEblessings started when we decided to add to our family, and I loved just being able to look back at what was going on. Then once we were put on bedrest it became a way to just get my thoughts out there when I really couldn’t see anyone, and it was just a way to encourage other bedrest moms that they could make it through. Earlier this summer our focus shifted a lot, and now I blog about everything God is showing me in everyday life. I blog to encourage other, and so that one day I can read about how much God has changed my life.    

What is one piece of blogging advice that most helped you?   

“If you build it they will come” 

 A friend said this during a group chat we were having and really it’s so true. You can’t build a blog or a fan base overnight, and you’re not going to get readers who keep coming back by just asking. You have to build a great base, you have to write your heart and put your heart and soul into it to build something and then people will keep coming back.  

What do you hope people glean from your writing?

I hope that people come to realize how amazing God is and the amazing things he can do if we allow him the room in our hearts and lives to work. I love hearing about the “ah-ha” moments or the moments when people come to a realization from my writing.    

What are some of your favorite blogs?

Goodness that’s hard!!

I love Sarah  from Nurse Loves Farmer and hear heart – her blog is mommy blog meets faith. She’s got such a big heart and I love reading about everything she’s seeing through God’s love.

Brittany from These Happy Times is a mix of everything but I love her honesty. She shows us that she’s real.

Erin from Sweetness Itself is the sweetest girl I could ever meet (and I can't wait to meet her in person at Influence). She has such a big heart for God and for reaching her generation for him.

Alright – here’s the fun part!!

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Chelsea said...

Love finding other sisters in Christ encouraging one another! Thanks, also, for the giveaway opp.