Sep 28, 2012

He Was There For Me

Is it okay, just only a couple times a year, to go to one's kiddos for comfort?
  I was really distraught about something and Wilder was the only in flesh person available. It was bedtime, so I crawled into bed with him and just cried. Pretty sure his white pillowcase is now mascarified. I didn't cry for a long time, because I didn't want to freak him out, but I did cry for a good, REAL time. 

I think it IS okay for our kids to see us show our sad and joyous feelings. Feelings are neither good nor bad; they are just feelings and it's up to us to express them in a healthy manner.

In this sweet intimate moment with Wilder, a little miracle happened. He asked if I needed any Kleenex, went and got some, then came back to me with the Kleenex and just hugged on me and told me everything would be okay. A love within my heart swelled so high. I am so honored to see this little boy grow up, to see him bear such sensitivity and helpfulness. To witness his understanding of the fact that things are not always about him.

Our kids are people too, and so often, the Lord uses them to teach us things. To comfort us when we need that mommy hug.

I sort of fast forwarded to a time when Wilder's hands will outgrow the length of mine, when he will have a life all his own and he will say, hey, it's okay, Mom, sometime when I really need it.

It's a full circle, beautiful thing.


FrugalFoodieMama said...

Love this post. It is okay for our children to see us upset. They need to know that is normal to express those feelings and emotions.
I was a single mom for over 8 years. Sometimes my son was the only one around when I was upset. It is also not a bad lesson for them to learn how to comfort. <3

tricia said...

Oh, mama. There have been many times when my emotional floodgates have opened and N has been there with a kleenex and a big hugs. God certainly blesses us through the empathy of our kids - I'm confident of that!

Eric's Mommy said...

So so sweet. I've cried many times in front of my boy and he is so sweet about it too.

Laceymade said...

so sweet mindy! hope you're back to your happy self!

Christy Niebaum said...

That's beautiful. What a sweet, gentle boy.