Sep 14, 2012


A sweet blog reader reminded me I hadn't announced the giveaway winner for the Labor Day giveaway yet!
So, without further ado, the winner is Darby Harden. Email me for details, friend!

I forgot about announcing the giveaway because I'm entrenched in preparation for the Red Barn Outdoor Market I'm participating in this weekend. It's going to be fun meeting new people and spending the day sharing a booth with two super awesome, creative girls!
Photobucket My brain is also still in vacay mode a little bit. Paradise to me, is fresh spring water and hiking in the woods. So when we found a natural spring at the end of our hike at the site of the cave tour, I had to put my feet in.
I would love to go on a float trip sometime. Oceans scare me because of all the creatures within. And lakes are just kinda gross. But clear mountain spring water? I know there are crawdads, fish, etc, but at least you can see before you step.
I'm so thankful God knows my heart and let me see a little piece of my heaven while on vacay.
DSC_9433 What's on the horizon for you this weekend?

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Laura said...

How fun MIndy! Best of luck this weekend!!