Sep 19, 2012

RedBarn Outdoor Market

 me with Mel from Sweet Treats Shop and "prego Margo" from RumTinn Accessories
photo credit: Sally Manlove

RedBarn yet again exceeded my expectations this Fall!

I had the time of my life. Maybe it was the company of these two fine craftswomen pictured above.
Though the weather was cold, misty, and mud slopped and squished everywhere, the customers were delightful, the music uplifting, and the food fulfilling.

Such a perfect day!
Most items pictured above are ones I offered.
This table features wares from all three of us.
This table held most things made by me. I loved getting my vintage goodies back out!
Pics from a retro booth, Blue June's Retro Deco I swooned over. 
 For an extended peek at the sale, click on this post.

To get grossed out, just look below at my feet (I wore the wrong shoes to be out in the muddy country):
For an insightful post on all things craft fairs, including things vendors need to keep in mind (and my first RedBarn experience), click here.

The winner of the Mish Lovin' Life ad giveaway is Andrea Merrigan with A Modern Hippie! 
Email me for details.


Sugar Mama Bakeshop said...

Markets are my fave!!!!! Your booth is so so cute :) I love it!

Liz Ekstrom said...

I want to buy all the things! What an adorable and colorful market :)

sarahkocischeilz said...

What a cute booth!

Stopping by to say hi from Facebook . . . I'll be at Influence in a few weeks too and cannot wait to meet you in person! :)

ginanorma said...

I love it!!! And would love to do something like this one day--where was it held, I can't tell...and didn't think you said.
Amazing, I'm so happy for you/guys:)

vintage grey said...

Looks like such fun!! The booth is so beautiful and sweet!! I have my first boutique coming up, so I am excited. xo Heather

BeckyKay said...

It was such fun meeting you!! Thank you for including pictures of our vintage goodies!

-Becky - Blue June's