Sep 17, 2012

Spend Time Together: As An ENTIRE Family!

Friends, one of the most awesome, profound, life-altering, life-giving, confidence-boosting things we can do for our sweet children is to SPEND TIME WITH THEM.  Better yet, as a family.
 For reasons that are likely confusing to people who do not understand my background, doing things as a family has been difficult for me in the past. But the Lord has so renewed my joy and has helped me see that He does not require perfection from us, nor are we expected to be automatically intentional with our kiddos. He realizes it requires a laying down of self and gives us the ability to do so (don't get me wrong, most of the time I crave being with the kiddos, but to really be intentional, well, that takes focus..intent! and sometimes, I'm just tired).

Now spending time with my family usually just flows beautifully...I can't get enough of Shawn, Wilder, and Story. They truly fill my love tank and remind me of how much God loves me! We have our stressful moments like all families with young children, but it doesn't nearly set me off track the way it used to.
 I am so thankful Shawn managed the time to fix the tubes in all the bike tires so we could enjoy the fall weather this weekend. Wilder insisted on riding his tricycle...eventually he couldn't keep up so we hitched the trike to the back of the trailer, then eventually Shawn wore it on his back (we were tired of the clanking noise).
I'm so excited about many bike rides to come!

Other things we do as a family:
Pray together
Read together
Eat dinner together
Cuddle together
Church together
Put swimsuits on our heads 


Ugochi said...

Ha ha ha...putting swim suits on our heads... Ii sure is a great blessing and loads of fun to spend time with our children as a family, those are the memories they would cherish all their lives long. God is indeed awesome, giving us so people to love, and people to love us back. It was fun reading this post with those pictures, sure you had loads of fun. Have a super blessed week!

Breanna said...

I know exactly what you mean, friend. I tend to let myself become overwhelmed far to easily when out on adventures with my sweet little family. During our trek to London this past weekend it was a constant effort on my part to not allow my self to get mired down and defeated when things didn't go just the way I imagined/hoped they would. I am definitely a work in progress when it comes to this area in life. P.S. Your babies are just beautiful, as always!!!

Chelsea said...

Woah! That's so funny that that was you! My husband and I drove past (we were coming home from the dog park) and saw this guy with a tricycle on his back. We had an entire conversation about how cool it was he was willing to do that and how cute the two little kids in the cart were.

We really want to get a cart/bike seat for our daughter, so we've been noticing them a lot lately. I guess that means we live pretty close to each other? If so, we should get together sometime! Alaina could definitely use some play time with other kiddos, and we love to ride our bikes too.:)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw, i love this and all the things that you guys do as a family! your children will love you so much for it - especially when they are older, looking back at their lives today. such a precious, sweet time in life!

vintage grey said...

Looks like a fun family time!! So sweet! xo Heather