Sep 11, 2012

The REAL Pioneer Woman

We spent a few days in Missouri touring my favorite theme park from childhood, eating at entertaining restaurants, and touring a cave.

All of the pictures are on Shawn's iPhone, but to please the grandparents I just have to get these old time photos up.

Can you even believe Sissy in the above picture? Be still my heart!

I don't think I would've survived pioneer days.
I like me a hot shower and an epidural (those few times it's necessary).
More on our trip later. I have 4 days til a craft fair and nothing to sell...everything has gone to the Cottage Collective. :-)
Where's the chocolate? I'm gonna need it!


A Modern Hippie said...

How cute! Love the pictures. When we get back to KS we should take a trip to Branson together. I havent been in years and B has never been!

vintage grey said...

These are such sweet photos!! Have a great evening! xo Heather

Gma Kathy said...

Thanks for these pics! You're so right about we grandparents needing these pictures...soooo adorable - all of you....but especially W & S! Love it! and M & S! :)

Alys Hejl said...

These are so precious!!! I will be praying for you to be able to get all of your crafting stuff done. :)

ayearinwichita said...

Ohmygosh...these are great!