Sep 26, 2012

The Transition to Preschool & Other Musings

Now that Wilder is in preschool, even if it's just a handful of hours a week, I find myself clinging to what little we have left at home full time. I am one of those moms who still, after 4 years, is "learning to love" staying home with the kiddos. I'm okay admitting that. It means I'm not holding up any pretenses. This is a job where I rely, like many of us, on the grace, provision, and affirmation of Jesus!

I am not a Type A, so doing the constant needs thing that motherhood requires wears me out (and I am completely disorganized; I balk at projects and to do lists), but the sensitive, outgoing, creative side of me is completely passionate about what I do, and more specifically, about Wilder and Story.
Many of my tasks, as you may relate, are mundane. I can't quite maintain it all, but I sure try (most days). When it seems overwhelming, I remind myself that I chose this, and that it's an honor. Sometimes the challenges of parenthood and the constant meeting of needs comes close to being more than I can handle. But it never quite goes over that "I've maxed my limit" point, and I'm okay!
I walked away from a career to choose something with more eternal value. I feel like I made the harder choice (the right choice for us) in staying home with the babies. BUT the smart, considerate, God-loving people the kiddos are becoming indicates to me that my and Shawn's dedication and learning-as-we-go, is making a difference in their little lives.

I know the Lord is 100% responsible for making them so wonderfully, and we give Him the glory for that. Moreover, we are thankful that our eyes and ears are not closed to how He wants us to parent, and that we have Him to rely on.
On another note, here's a bit about our schedule. We have things we have to be at Tuesday, Thursday, Friday mornings, and Wednesday nights (weekends are on a different spectrum). So I keep Monday and Wednesday as open as possible.
When I told Wilder that today we had no errands to run, he was SO HAPPY and insisted on staying in his pajamas. I don't think any of us were out of bed til 9.a.m. We do this because we can. We still have some flexibility left and I'm fighting to keep that.

Lots of times I like to be gone, I do better when we are gone, but I know that what's best for Wilder and Story (and, welp, me too) is to enjoy our safe, happy home at least a day a week. To linger a little longer over lunch, to splash in the rain water, to get covered in sidewalk chalk, to re-read the stacks of books from the library.
If you stay home full time and your oldest has just transitioned to being gone some, how has that affected your home life?
I've appreciated getting some alone time with Story, and am so tickled every time I pick up Wilder and he tells me what he learned.
She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.
Proverbs 31:17


Rachael said...

I too try and soak in home time on Tues and Thurs mornings when we don't have to be anywhere. This is my last year with a pre-schooler and while I have Monday mornings free, I started volunteering in the girls' elementary school Wed mornings and have MAPS on Fridays. I go back and forth between wanting a bit of alone time and missing them like crazy.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am in this place too. JDaniel will start kindergarten next fall. He is in school three days a week this year. I find myself waiting outside his classroom door earlier than any other mom.

katygirl said...

Oh! They love each other!! Presh.

Iva Grbesic said...

Following back!