Sep 20, 2012

Why I Would Never Give Up My Boutique Gig

Retail is a roller coaster ride.

It's hard not to take things personally when people don't buy my stuff; I think this is because I make it by hand--so I put my heart into it to make it special, to make it quality (plus I'm just a sensitive gal). But a good friend told me: 

Mindy, none of it is personal. It's really just about people having different tastes and liking different things.

It was a light bulb moment for me.
I've always said I'd give up doing the Cottage Collective (a local boutique comprised of several moms/wives who handcraft goodies and take turns running the store) if it stopped being fun or became too large of a financial burden for my family (that sounds so non-reliant on the Lord; I need to re-think that). As far as those terms go, so far, so good! But most of all, the emotional benefits of working there a few hours a week and some weekends, far outweigh any cost for our babysitter, booth rent, craft supplies, late nights crafting, etc.
I feel a bit like Cinderella when her foot slid perfectly into that glistening slipper. 
All became well and lovely and not confusing.
I am convinced the Lord has me at this really special place for a unique purpose. I carry the heartbeat of the Cottage with me everywhere I go. The customers and community are what make it the coolest place to shop, not to mention the admirable contributions of all the ladies on our team.

I tend to think back to when I worked in corporate America (okay, it was a private philanthropy but it was really fancy and I wore suits). Had I not decided to stay home with Wilder once he was born, I don't think I'd have become so immersed in the blogging community. And once I became immersed in that/this incredible community, I was inspired to pursue handmade, something I've always done on the side, but not for income.
I love how the Lord paints a picture and sets us on a magnificent trajectory toward finding what we are most at home doing.

For me, even more than crafting, it's being at that store encouraging women!
So now you see why, even though business isn't booming for my wares, I stick with it because it is my heart, my passion, my joy, and a rich vessel of life support!
Fall Open House Preview Party photos c/o Sally Manlove Photography


vintage grey said...

Thank you for sharing this! So needed to hear it as I get ready for my first boutique! Blessings, Heather

Joy Kinard said...

It would be such a treat to shop at your place!

Janine said...

Oh if only I didn't live a thousand miles away from Kansas. I'd come down to the Collective Cottage and spend hours looking at everything! And probably buy a few things too. Something you said in your post is bugging me though. "if it stopped being fun or became too large of a financial burden for my family (that sounds so non-reliant on the Lord; I need to re-think that" Please don't think of that as being non reliant on the Lord. If that were to happen think of it as the Lord giving you a swift kick in the pants to change direction! From everything you have written, it seems as though you are on the right path. I wish I had the courage to break out on my own like you did. Lots of luck with your shop!

Janine said...
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Rachael said...

Oh how I love your store, and all your handmade loveliness, and your heart! Hoping to come again soon!