Oct 19, 2012

Ode to my Week: Thoughts

~Every night when I just sit down to blog, Wilder wanders into the kitchen, after Shawn has tucked him in, and asks Mommy will you snuggle with me?

And I go. Every time I go.
Someday he won't want or need that time with me. He won't request those 1,000 kisses or lullaby tunes. Getting time with my sweet Wilder is a highlight to my day. Oftentimes I fall asleep near his warm little body. I nestle into his hair that oftentimes smells of graham crackers and the outdoors.

I find serenity there.

~I guest posted for a friend about body image here.

~I am lonely for friends, a bit. Likely because I just returned from a conference where the women understood my heart for the Lord to use me in this whole blogging deal. I sometimes miss getting to catch a late nite chick flick or Panera cookie with a pal. Do you ever miss that? It's hard enough to snag a date with Shawn, let alone time with a friend.
~Shawn gave me flowers this week. I love them. We don't have fresh flowers around nearly enough.

~It pained me to tell my accountability partner I didn't have quiet time every day this week. I'm at  every other day right now. Lord, whip me into shape.
~The presentation at MAPS was about discipline. It made me regret those times I've been inconsistent. It gave me hope that it's not too late to try again.
~The winner of the 1st fall giveaway is Carrie Mugnano Robinson. Email me for details!
Please rest some this weekend. You won't regret it!

pics from Literacy Night at preschool


AbsoluteMommy said...

You are beautiful! One day, it's my mission to meet you an hug you! Have a great weekend!!

Erin said...

I feel lonely for friends quite often. Not every day, but I'm always missing my college friends that have since all spread out, all over the country. We keep in touch w/ emails and texts, but like you said… I miss just seeing a chick flick, grabbing coffee, etc! =\

Chelsea said...

I felt the same way after Influence going from a room stuffed to the brim with five girls to an empty house. But I think that God has blessed me with this online community while face to face friendships are being built where I am now.

I don't know if I got a chance to tell you, but you are so fun and dynamic in person! It was a joy to (briefly) meet you :)

Sarah Mcdougal said...

What a lovely blog! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would stop on by my blog and return the favor!