Oct 15, 2012

Oh My Soul

Influence 2012 may or may not be the very best most wonderful outcome of blogging that I've ever experienced.

I had the time of my life. We were all equals there, and I can't tell you how refreshing and freeing it was for me.

I can't wait to tell you why I laughed til I snorted, cried til my eyes grew puffy.

Ladies, we serve a Lord who knows our needs, who knows our capabilities, who knows our fears, who knows our potential. He gave us Influence and I am so very honored to be using mine for His Name.

Oh how my soul is filled to overflowing.


Sandy a la Mode said...

sounds like you had an encouraging and amazing time!!

Sandy a la Mode

A Modern Hippie said...

So excited to hear how it went. Wish I could just come over and chat for hours about it! Miss ya. Maybe next year I can swing joining you!