Nov 20, 2012


Both babies have colds. Breaks my heart to hear their sneezes and sniffles. Wilder has a "red mustache" from all the nose wiping.

We briefly ventured out for dollar store Christmas crafts, and upon arriving home, I thought it'd be a treat to break out my Fontanini nativity set.

I wonder how many times Mary wiped Jesus' nose?


Dara said...

Gabbie had a cold last week too. ugh, so sad. feel better to your babies!

Megan said...

Sorry the kids have had colds sis! Max & Evie have been good so far but I know a winter cold will surely happen sooner or later. Love the fontanini-makes me want to get mine out too!

Leilani said...

So sorry your babes aren't feeling well. Hope they feel better before the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!