Nov 27, 2012

My list

I have a gratitude list.

Being forgiven by my Lord.

A warm man body to sleep next to every night;
For he is the priest of our home and my confidante.

Two babies who deserve all the treasures in heaven. They have afforded me countless opportunities to die to self.

The smell of winter. It's fresh and crisp. It freezes things to stone, giving them chance to be done altogether, or soon resurrect.

Little baby Jesus in our nativity scene. Thank you to Him, it's not enough.

V formations of geese flying across a Kansas sunset.

Books by Sandra Boynton and Stan/Jan Berenstain.

Anything pumpkin.

My mansion in heaven, sure to have a jetted tub. 

Family. Even the complicated stuff I won't fully understand in this life.

Too many twinkle lights and Christmas inflatables cluttering folks' yards.

 The Bible as our handbook..everything is in there. There's even scripture on anxiety (which I have).

Not just the necessities of life, but the many extras we enjoy and so often take for granted.

Lovely new friends who love texting, too.

Crackling fires, or at least a candle that sounds like it.


jillian at faith that laughs. said...

love the picture! such a sweet post. love your heart. xoxo

arg said...

So beautiful. Your heart is full and it reminds me that mine is, too.

alishamcclure said...

You are on my gratitude list!