Nov 23, 2012

Our Turkey Day

This Thanksgiving was one of my favorites!!

We spent casual hours at a luncheon at a senior center with some of Shawn's mom's extended family. The town has maybe 600 people; the entire main street was a ghost town and so wonderfully quiet. I struggled to not want to "pick" vintage things I saw...the window shopping made me salivate. 
I was able to make it to the airport in time to welcome Katee Qing Johnson to the United States. Our good friends, the Johnsons, brought their newly adopted daughter back from China! A very spectacular Thanksgiving, indeed. It was surreal to see a little baby we have all prayed for, for so long, come down the terminal hall with her new parents. It is, from an observer's view, truly a Jesus-breathed/covered/provided-experience. I cried off my makeup, naturally.
Then, even though my pregnant body was tired, I took a gamble and went shopping for some 8pm deals at glamorous WalMart.
That was a cultural experience.

More on our festivities later. Lots to share on time with my family after the big holiday, too!

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Leilani said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving, friend! And you look fab as always.