Dec 17, 2012


Sharing this excerpt from Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony today:

What my children needed were the skills and faith muscles to be able to walk through the trial and be strengthened, not victimized, by it. This is an essential life lesson for them, and it's necessary for me, because protecting my children from the evils of this world would be a full-time job. We live in an evil world. Bad things will happen to our children. People will hurt them intentionally and unintentionally.

The best gift we can give our children is the confidence to see that we believe everything is filtered (even the bad stuff) through God's hands. We need to release our control of their circumstances. We need to start looking at these hard things that happen in our kids' lives as things that God wants to use to refine them--and then we need to walk with them, prayerfully, and model for them how they should respond in grace under trial.

I think she's referring more or less to "lighter" (if there is such a thing; they all rip out a mother's heart) battles like bullying, etc. But this excerpt did give me some comfort as I try to calm my heart and direct my prayers regarding the CT shooting.

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