Dec 4, 2012

Voice among the millions

The Lord plans our lives so perfectly. I am lovingly convinced of that. I've lived it. And an income-generating or hugely successful blog may be something that's not His will for you or me--today or ever (if it is, awesome!). 


I trust Him with that! Do you? On I gladly go, continuing to write from my heart, loving on my readers as best I can in the internet world, but with the same delight and passion I have in the real world.

I've always felt in my heart that I needed to keep my blog esteemed at a place where I could give it up to God, to stop it altogether, without hesitation or heartache, if He asked me to.
After blogging for several years, I'm still at that humble place.

Little marigoldroad may not be paying our groceries or landing me hundreds of Etsy sales, but it is a part of me, special and precious to me, and only possible because of the vision and inspiration the Lord has given me. If any of that other stuff mattered more than the emotional comfort of a safe community--more than the ability to share beauty, encouragement, inspiration, my testimony, and creativity, I would've been long gone.

Do you ever become just "off" about your blog? If so do you write about it or maintain confidence and optimism to your readers?

If you are "off," my advice is to go forth, write about what you love, don't compare yourself with others, and count yourself among many, many blessed people to have a voice among the millions.
You have one life to help a life.


ElisabethCS said...

thank you for that, sweet Mindy. I needed to hear it.

Sandy a la Mode said...

this is a great post mindy! i really really needed to read this now!

Lora said...

I've commented on this before but affirming words are always a good thing! :)

Whatever journey your blog takes, know that your honesty about your post partum experience is what convinced me to get to the hospital when I was sick after birthing Lily and not sure why. Literally saved my life!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

well-said, my friend. :) if you can encourage, bless, inspire one person with your blog that day, then i think it's worth celebrating - and this girl is talking confetti and cupcakes all around!

Helen Gash said...

Lovely post Mindy. You just have to be true to yourself in real life and the blogging world.

Erin said...

This was such a great post! When I'm feeling off I try to write it out, even for the blog. That is, in the big picture, what we're all really here to do :)

Sheena @ Sophistishe said...

Around this time of the year I find myself "off" about my blog. I'm always making new goals for it. There are things that I want to do with my blog like blog more regular mundane stuff, crafts, recipes, fashion, and work with less consumer brands. I wanna do things like travel not just for press junkets, be involved in creative workshops.

I'm working on that consumer brand thing, sometimes it's hard to taper away from it when it is paying the bills. I'd like more interaction on my blog and I believe that's what's keeping readers from commenting. That plus Facebook & Instagram making it easier to comment there instead on blogs. I just want to know I'm not writing in vain, yanno? I keep reminding myself that my blog is a blessing and we are living comfortably because of it, but I do like physical proof that people are reading.

Anywho... be glad that you can just blog what you want when you want and not worry about deadlines etc. I'm working on getting to that point and generating more behind the scenes income so I can be all like look what I did today! LOL I suppose I could still do that... I get a little lazy after completing my sponsored posts.

Em @ And Nothing Else Matters said...

There is so much truth in your words. Thank you! Its something we always need to hear, because comparison and envy can rear its ugly head so easily when you are a small blog in among the masses that seem huge! xo