Feb 29, 2012

Customized Easter Yarn Wreath with Leaf-Wrapped Cross

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Tomorrow I get a key to my little shop space; I am very excited and a bit overwhelmed at all there is to do (paint the space, paint/assemble display pieces, create inventory, price inventory and vintage stuff, hang light fixture, finish shredded curtain wall...). But I know that stressing absolutely will not help...the whole point is to have fun and use this hobby/business to glorify God and point people to Him.

On another note, I've been knocking out custom orders so I can focus on inventory.

I took a stab at a spring, more pastel-colored wreath design for my friend's special Easter wreath order.My favorite part of the wreath is the cross I designed by painting a wooden cross,
then gluing on pretty leaves in a flowing pattern.
The pink flower on the left of the cross represents the heart of God.Each wreath has a little bit of my heart and imagination in it!
We were blessed with a breezy, pleasant-weathered day, just perfect for a picnic!
And maybe some trampoline/foam pit play at the YMCA!

Feb 27, 2012

Weekend Recap & New Brooches Sneak Peek!

Private shopping party at a local boutique.

I go to them all the time.

Not really.

But it was uber fun to have a shopping assistant tell me what did and didn't work. I like fashion alot alot but I never know what works on my "round" frame.

Budget very tight but I got a cute dress off the sale rack! The champagne was yummy...
The whole family (sans me) is still sick so we had to miss church.

We went to the park for fresh air and good ole vitamin D.
My gorgeous boy.Exploration
I love that we spent much of the weekend together rather than the hubbub of
here/there/everywhere obligations.

Story is growing less and less fond of my kisses. Where'd the baby go?
It's crunch time for MarigoldRoad's debut at the Cottage Collective's grand opening...
So a crafting I will do!

Feb 24, 2012

Lessons from my week and those new Oreos

We have had a good, busy week.
Lots of wiping green snot these days.
I didn't know the green snot rule--Wilder didn't get to stay in his MAPS class; I was mortified!
This week was one for realizing that loving people and having them
"be my drug" (it seems that is my tendency) can sometimes have its pitfalls...
like times I read too much into a verbal comment then decide my feelings are hurt.

It was for realizing that I have a husband and best friend who truly wants what's best for me, Wilder, and Story. That the hard work we are putting into our marriage is so paying off.
That going to God first, not friends or Facebook, really has its perks.
That the 100-anniversary Oreos with sprinkles in the center are just so-so.
That Target has cute $2.78 bunting.
That when I'm misunderstood, I must understand that God understands.
That taking Wilder to preschool on his first day will have me quite in shambles; I will be that mom with the camera and running mascara. We are waiting until next fall (he has an August b-day; he will be 4) and got him into the Christian place that is 1.5 minutes from our house. Just two mornings a week, from 9-11:30a.m. So I can still "home school" if I want (which better mean baking cookies and going on nature walks!).Spray tans really do make me feel a little more confident/positive self-esteemy.
And tousled hair is perfect for a lazy day.
have you ever tried taking a pic of the back of your head?

That, as a mother of two, this was a successful,
FUN week and no one is going to punch me if I say,

I'm proud of myself, darn-it!

Feb 22, 2012

Grey, Mustard Yellow, and Ivory Yarn Wreath

While these sweet babies napped today, Ash and I crafted while taking in some inspirational praise/worship on Pandora.
I finished the grey, mustard yellow, ivory and burlap yarn wreath
I've been working on for a client.
It is my favorite to-date!
Thanks for being my accountability not to nap, Friend!

Feb 21, 2012

Day at the museum

Dress: Old Navy, Blouse: vintage, Leggings: Target, Shoes: Payless,
Earrings: handmade by me

Tornado simulator; Sissy loved it but Wilder had nothing to do with it
Do veggie chips count as veggies?
Several meltdowns later, this momma was done! :)

Feb 19, 2012

Sponsor spots available for March!

There are so many networking opportunities available in the blogging/handmade community. If you think marigoldroad is a good fit for helping you with your growth goals, then send me a wee note today. Monthly sponsor ads are fairly priced and swaps are still welcome, too!
Thank you!
marigoldroad (dot) blog (at) gmail (dot) com

Feb 18, 2012

About Moving More Slowly

This is a letter from our MAPS director (Erin Self) to us moms, in our weekly newsletter. I asked Erin's permission to post it to the blog because it just spoke to me SO MUCH.
It is right on the money!!

I've been thinking a lot about moving more slowly. How I run through my days, and especially how I've been running through my son's childhood (in 13 short years, he won't be living with me anymore. 13 years...). How Jesus calls us to give Him our burdens and in exchange He will give us rest. I am pretty sure that Jesus never said to us, "Get over here! I have a lot for you to do!" A good Christian woman serves God. That's what we are supposed to do. Sure. But are we supposed to run ourselves into the ground? Do I want my children equating ministry, being a wife and mother, with exhaustion and meetings and tasks that don't always really fit who I am?If I think I'm doing all of this to please God, well, I think I've got another thing coming. Because to be truthful, I don't know the last time really that I handed God my day or my agenda and just asked Him what He wanted me to be doing. I've been doing what I've been doing for some time now and I think it's started to hit me that what I'm doing and who I'm wanting to be just doesn't always fit. I often feel like I have been round-hold/square-pegging it for awhile. Longer that I want to admit. Longer than I may even know.So I'm left with some questions. Should I keep on doing and doing and doing, or can I stop? And if I just stopped for awhile, what would that mean, what would that look like, and dare I ask what's really deep down - what would other people and God think of me? Who stops? Who isn't busy? No one I know. But I'm letting myself realize and re-remember that God called me to an abundant, free, joyful life, not a packed-out, constricting, complain-y, busy one full of activities that just endure and that sometimes make me cringe. And, this is the best part, bottom line, my Heavenly Father's going to love me no matter what. Even if I stop. And even if you do, too.So, moms, think about it. Are you running too hard, too fast through your life? Consider stopping, breathing, resting, and finding the real you underneath it all, asking God what you should be filling your time with.

Even if it's just for a little while.
~Erin SelfMy guest post and store credit giveaway is over at Lil Noodle Bug today!
and the one over at EisleyRae is still going on, too!

Feb 16, 2012

Estate Sale Finds-Color Edition!

Wonderful, unique finds! What a rush.
Thursday afternoons I get a bit of "time off." I go to any appointments, lunch with a friend, and, lately, estate sales. Recent finds:
Kitchen linens; want to keep them all (rather than sell)
I don't know if I will be able to pull off the busy print on the right, but someone will!Canister set! $8; not the best deal but still great
Bag is cute. Boy is SUPER cute.
On another note,
I have been to Aldi three times this week.
I am not a details, listy person...just ideas and wild dreams all the time,
brain always whirring and busy...very disorganized...signing up for too much,
so it makes sense (dumb sense) that I always forget that onion or parmesan cheese
while on an intentional "meal plan minded" grocery run.

I need help! Someone organize my life!


Sweet Aldi checker gal Katy and I are on a first name basis, plus she knows the kids' names. I guess Story's sweet spirit/adorb factor and Wilder's gorgeous grin/tip of the nose specs are unforgettable.
Duh. Of course they are.

I told check out lady Katy that today we made no-bake cookies and were just enjoying the weather.

She said, "awwww I am so jealous."

Friends, this was just the jolt of reality I needed. So often I take for granted that I get to stay home with my babies, making cookies, making messes, adhering to very lax schedules. And not every mom who wants to do that, gets to. It just helped shift back my focus a little.

Thank you so much, check out lady; throw in some free chocolates and you'll never get rid of me.