Mar 29, 2012

Estate Sale Finds and other Tidbits

Hi, friends!

Sharing some tidbits today:

I worked my second Thursday at the shop. Already I'm being encouraged by the women who come through our doors...and something else that's encouraging? Stories about my products: like the sweet teen who is going to wear a green/cream felt headband in her senior pictures, or the mama who bought her cancer-laden daughter some headbands as well, since her hair is short and that's about all she can wear. Or the sweet mama that came in with her foster child I could've nearly kidnapped~so cute.

Already feeling so blessed.

Recently Maggie (Shawn and his Dad's doggie) passed away so we had to explain to Wilder all about death.thank you for 12 1/2 years of joy, Mags
(Shawn, Mindy, Mags, circa 1999)

It was gut-wrenching. Oh the things you aren't prepared for going into parenthood. So tonight, when I was telling Shawn (on the phone) that "my thumb hurts so bad I'm going to die"-Wilder just broke out into a fountain of tears. My poor Wildman. He thought I was really going to die. I just adore his sensitive heart. I will be more careful of how I use words...

My thumb really does hurt. Sustained some hot glue gun burns...that's what I get for crafting so late in the day!But look what came out of it:And I couldn't NOT show you these awesome estate sale finds (or things my parents brought; they attend auctions).
Found this HOLY COW AMAZING RADIO at an estate sale; though I paid more for it than I "deep down" wanted to, it was less than Etsy.An owl to be painted deep fuscia, set of 4 yellow kiddos chairs, coral Pyrex
Daddy said "You don't have to take these records if you don't want to."
The artwork on them is outstanding. I think they'd be awesome in a grid on the wall (there are more than just what are pictured).
Vintage aprons plus a serving dish wrap up this fun Thursday!

Mar 28, 2012

When They Were Newborns

I have been reminiscing about Wilder and Story's newborn phase(s). Perhaps because I've been around a lot of friends' newborns. I love that I'm not too scared to hold a newborn; that changed fast once I had my own babies.
I really can't express to God how grateful I am that he placed such a precious son and daughter in my life to love, nurture, teach, bless, support, and encourage.
Wilder and Story, you've done gone and made mama a better person.
Thank you for giving me the best job in the world.
Even when you don't nap, talk back, don't share, etc.
Even then I love you.

Mar 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Shawn is finally back and we are reintegrating. I was getting used to not having to share the cereal and leaving my socks everywhere...and watching lots of Say Yes to the Dress while crafting.

Why do I like that show so much? Did you know Shawn and I have been married almost a DECADE? Our 9-year anniversary is in July. Where does the time go?I decided we should take a cruise for our 10-year. Or camp at the Grand Canyon. That'd be my preference--no swimsuit needed.

Mommy and Daddy came to see us. They brought chocolate and vintage goodies and treated us to pizza. Wish they lived closer.The Cottage Collective's Grand Opening to the public is this Fri/Sat. So I jump-started inventory prep this weekend.This will be the first time I tell you I sometimes have doubts about this blog. Have thought about shutting 'er down. But I don't get a peaceful settling in my spirit about that, so I will continue to share our lives with you. It's one of those things that's hard to gauge whether or not I'm making an impact. Sometimes we need reassurance.
The beautiful outdoors is calling.
And all those dandilions that need uprooted.

Happiest of Mondays.

Mar 22, 2012

High on Thrifting Thursday

Linking up with The Haps for Mandy's High on Thrifting Thursday.
Some of my finds from an estate sale:
Two cheery pillows, Raffiaware by Thermo-Temp bowl set, McCoy planter, colorful potholders, vintage pillowcases (for hoop art)Total was $9.50 for all. The McCoy retails for $15.
I also hit up the DAV/Goodwill and scored some cute items that are already at the real, live shop, including a gorgeous, mint-condition afghan, some melamine, and a baby boy's vintage coat.

Mommy and Daddy are coming to see the shop tomorrow. They will treat us all to pizza and spoil us a little.

That's always nice. :)

Mar 21, 2012

WIWW and How to Cope When Your Spouse is Traveling

Shawn was in Austin aaaallll last week.
He is gone again, aaallll this week.
I miss him.

I thought I was an independent "woman of today."
Now I'm not so sure. When Shawn's gone, I realize just how much I rely on him.
He is so good about giving me breaks.
I don't do the whole single parenting thing very well.
My babies are so SO good most of the time, so, it's not really them (okay maybe the 24/7 of it is exhausting). But it's also that feeling of being in charge. Like in charge, in charge. Of all those things I leave for Shawn to worry about, like locking up when it's time for bed or taking the trash to the curb.And I'm able to fall into a deep sleep (unless it's one of those nights I have insomnia) knowing someone else can go into ninja mode if there's a break-in. Not that I wouldn't bust out some mama bear moves.

Shawn doesn't travel super often, but when he does it always seems to be back to back, or at Christmastime. Or when I'm really pregnant or someone is sick or a car is broken down. Just never a convenient time.

Want to know how we cope when Daddy's away?
Here are some things that work/have worked for us; they are merely suggestions and are obviously "tweakable" based on your circumstances (they are written with stay-home moms in mind since that's what I am).MY LIST:

1) Schedule a full week; you and the kids will be too busy to notice Pops is gone!
2) Do your meal planning and grocery shopping before Pops is gone.
3) Accept help when it's offered; if a friend invites you over for dinner, say yes.4) Once the kids are in bed, do projects you wouldn't normally tend to, or watch those chick flicks your hubbie doesn't want to see; busy yourself so you don't hear the house creaking or weird neighborhood noise.
5) Think of something sweet to do for, or give to, your spouse upon his return (has pantry disorganization been driving him mad? then get it organized); the kiddos can make a cute craft just for him.6) Too tired for bath night? Let the kids go an extra day without bathing. That's what baby wipes are for. Be okay with skipping some of the daily rituals. It's ok to be in survival mode.
7) If possible, keep the kids in contact with Daddy while he is gone. Reassure them that he will be back.8) Plan a special outing, like a picnic at the park, trip to the zoo or children's museum.9) Though I don't condone this, it helps us: let the kids watch Sesame Street/etc TWICE during the day! (usually I just do it during breakfast but will occasionally bust it out during the "witching hours" close to bedtime)
10) Consider a road trip of your own to the grandparent's or another relative's/friend's house for 1-2 days. The change in routine/scenery could be exciting and just what you need.What do you do when you're short your other half?
military wives, single parents, parents whose spouse works odd shifts or multiple jobs: I.Commend.You.
Linking up with the Pleated Poppy.
Outfit from Target.
Locket: a gift, Rings: vintage; Clutch: Joyn
Headband: made by me
Photos by Emily Bergquist

Mar 20, 2012

Weekend Snaps

St. Patty's Parade, baby shower, worked the shop and shopped with friends, costume party, church, broccoli/cheese soup and just fun things

Mar 19, 2012

That Time I Dressed as a Hippie

I have thrown caution to the wind, people.

Here is my arm flab, white, free, and fluttering like a colonial war surrender flag.

I have surrendered to the fact that my pretty, early twenties body is gone.

Surely I can find a use for these flabby arms.

Like dust with them or something? Or put my arms in the freezer and use my arm fat as an ice pak for when the kids get an owie?

And yes I am wearing a creepy/nakey doll. I attended a costume party (we were supposed to dress from our fave decade; mine is the 50s but hippie had to do)..and with just 15 minutes to get ready I basically just dressed like a granola mom. Which I kindof am. And other drivers were weirded out by the fake baby on my chest while driving. I felt like I was on What Would You Do? or some prankster show.

Since you are now probably suffering some sort of trauma from those hippie pics, I'll leave you with some subjects much easier on the eyeball:Wilder's curls are coming back. The humidity helps.Spring is here.
Guest post and giveaway on my friend Tricia's blog today. Check it out!

Mar 16, 2012

Our Brick and Mortar Preview Party: Oh Happy Day!

If you are new to my blog, I'll quickly fill you in on my current business ventures.

I have an Etsy shop. It is slightly bare at the moment with the live store opening (I should just put it on vacation) until I get more product created. Check out the cute things here.

I also co-run, with 6 other mompreneurs, an adorable local boutique, The Cottage Collective, which features handmade and vintage, well, everything. I have my own little room with marigoldroad branding.

And I also run this blog. :)

Wow no wonder I don't nap anymore...

Anyway, the friends and family preview party at The Cottage was a smashing success last night. I met so many wonderful women and made some fun connections. The support of the community and precious friends was knock-your-heels-off sensational!pic by me
Here are some pics (all by Sara Mac Photography unless otherwise stated)
from around the store:pic by meMy wee space:
Many more to come.
For now I am off to work on restocking since my headbands flew off the shelves.
I am so grateful for that.
I am also grateful for a faithful God who has not only given me a ministry opportunity through this shop, but, eventually the chance to pay some bills, and GIVE.