Apr 30, 2012

Scenes from My Craft Fair Booth and Tips for Booth Success

My dear friend Emily joined me in showcasing our wares at a local outdoor craft market; it was out in the country, complete with a red barn, BBQ, and bluegrass music.

Just our cup of tea.
Emily is a brilliantly talented photographer and crafter. She has an indelible eye for eclectic vintage...her home would make Pinterest bow down in awe. Not only is she talented in all these facets and layers, her heart is one I have come to love. There's nothing like sharing creativity with someone who is like-minded. With someone who loves the Lord and puts her family first...and any hobbies right down the ladder rung where they belong. We see so many things the same way.

Here's our booth! It was gorgeous! Bunting! Quilts! Vibrant colors!
So many wonderful colors to see! All wreaths using vintage sheets made by Em. I, of course, bought one.
I started making a new style of headband--little bows. Such fun and therapeutic work.  All leftovers went into the shop!
You can see some of Em's fine art photography above!
Her vintage baby clothes were tres popular.
Bunting, rosette necklaces, leg warmers, washi tapes, headbands, fresh roses.
Some of my fabric button & rosette earrings.
Paper Goods Creative also featured some products.
Wonderful fabric brooches. You will see some in blogland giveaways soon...:-)
My first stab at multi-colored yarn; gorgeous!
Shawn was so sweet to bring my cheerleading squad.
Loved the folksy music. It made for a "down home" atmosphere.
Vendors gettin' some sun
Sissy in her vintage bikini I had to buy.

Tips for A Successful Craft Fair:

Split the rental fee with a friend (if allowed). Not only will it decrease your overhead, you will have help when it comes to the set-up/tear-down, as well as someone to talk with and relieve you for potty breaks. Find someone who's wares mesh well with the look and feel of your own.

Put little signs up all around your booth, clearly marking what things are and the price point.

Make your space interesting by including various heights and textures, like crates, old suitcases, drift wood, old windows, etc.

Be prepared for crummy weather. Think of how you may need to tether things down in case of lots of wind (if an outdoor affair), and bring tarp to cover merchandise in case of rain.

Plan your inventory way ahead of time. Give yourself plenty of time to create an array of products at various price points. Remember that any leftovers can be used for gifts, blog giveaways, your Etsy, or the next craft fair.

Bring cash for snacks and plenty of water. I had cash but not really enough for my own purchases.

If sharing your space with another person, keep all tickets/money handling in separate boxes.

Make sure all of your items have your branding/contact information on them, and place business cards throughout the space. Ensure all items clearly marked with the price.

Supplies that are great to have on hand: scissors, twine, tape, trash bags, pen, calculator, cash box, apron, deoderant, gum, water, markers, cute bags for purchases, floor grazing table cloths/blankies, square iPhone attachment to accept credit cards, fresh flowers, carbon-copy tickets, business cards, extra price tags, signage, e-newsletter sign-up sheet, jacket, petty cash, snacks

Wear a Smile! Even if you don't make a lot of sales, you have increased your community visibility and made some new contacts!

Kassie, you won the Much Love, Illy giveaway! Email me for details 
(marigoldroad (dot) blog at gmail (dot) com)

Apr 26, 2012

WIWW But on Thursday-Colored Jeans on a Mom Body

Today I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday even though it is late at night on Thursday...and even though I have major roots showing (who has time to get her hair done..seriously?), I am posting these anyway, so you can see I'm far from perfect, nor am I pretending to be perfect.


I bought a new pair of pretty mega-watt blue colored jeans at Rue21. Yes my kids were with me and practically ruined the store.
They did look cute in tween sunglasses though.

 Here's how a mom body looks in brightly hued jeans (at least MY momma body):
 I paired them with a neutral colored rouged-sleeves BCBG tee and layering tank, then a tshirt scarf with a pop of blue in it.
I kept my makeup and hair subdued so it wouldn't look like I was "trying too much" with the jeans.
Lord knows I've had many fashion fails!
t-shirt scarf by laceymade, BCBG rouged tee, layering tank Target, jeans Rue21, shoes Target, ring vintage, earrings consignment


Apr 25, 2012

Everyday Life-A Picture Diary

Date night
Replenishing bird feeder
New plush bunnies in the shop, by Underground Vintage Studio
My fave cookie
Just a trim
My pal B put these on the table while we were napping! What a gift!
Oh the production of potty time! I wish we had 2 bathrooms...being honest!
Bunny fairy sparkle
The end.

Apr 24, 2012

The Infamous Much Love Illy GoldenRod Poppy Headband-A Giveaway!

Much Love Illy, written by Ilene Gamboa, is one of my favorite fashion blogs. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is sweet as punch and gracious to work with. 
p.s.--I love her hair!
Because I LOVE my goldenrod poppy garland headband (it is all hand-stitched!) made by Ilene, and wear it frequently, I wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to win one for yourself. 
I call it my Casey Wiegand "groupie" headband; get compliments all.the.time.
Ilene is running a special for a matching mother/daughter goldenrod poppy garland headband set in honor of Mother's Day; the set is $20.
It's what one of you could win this week!
Here's how to enter:

Follow my blog through GFC (GoogleFriendConnect)

Extra entries:
Follow me on Twitter
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Tweet about the giveaway
Stumble/pin anything from my blog (leave links)
Share the giveaway on Facebook

Giveaway ends Saturday, April 28, 2012; limited to U.S. only

Apr 23, 2012

Come, May flowers

What a day for a daydream!
Don'tcha think?
It's so pretty outside and my favorite month, May, is around the corner!
It's the month I share birthdays with my mother and daughter.

I know there are alot of 5,660,999+ blogs out there to advertise with.
And you have to make the right decision for your business and budget 
(we are certainly in the same boat there!)

Here are some of my stats:

Page views last month: 12,500
Google Friend Connect: 743
Twitter followers: 890
Facebook followers: 641
Pinterest followers: 384

Come advertise or swap.
Email me marigoldroad.blog@gmail.com for rates.
It'd be a fun party.
I accept giveaway swaps, if the partnership fits.
Something like this:
That's some good stuff, folks.

Apr 20, 2012

Facebook Phenomenon

My friend S at Bleu Hollow Photography snapped a mini spring session of my angels.
This picture has been on my Facebook timeline and has been a bit of a phenomenon.
At least in my little world!
They are so cute. I am so proud of the people they are becoming.
I am thankful the Lord trusted Shawn and I to care for them.
They just keep melting my heart every day.

Apr 18, 2012

WIWW Maxi Dress Turned Skirt

Linking up with Pleated Poppy's WIWW series today!
shirt-from a friend
belt-local boutique
locket-from Shawnie

I create much of my shop inventory in the evenings.
Here are some new brooches:
(hi, Juls!)

And headbands:
SO pretty!

Last week's WIWW never "aired".
See why?
My eyes are so sensitive and there was just enough sun...
Hope you like the outtake on the right. Just keepin' it REAL.