Jan 15, 2013

A "you go girl" profile: Red Letter Paper Company!

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Hey there! 

I'm Stephanie, the owner and designer behind Red Letter Paper Company. Mindy has been gracious enough to let me take over her blog for the day, and she had a couple questions for me to answer about running a business and balancing life, so let's get to it, shall we?  

1. History of the company 

 I started RLPCo in 2010 with the goal of making Christian cards with a modern edge, but I think my husband and I had been talking about it for almost a year before that. It was born because we could never find Christmas cards that had both the right message and a design that didn't look like something my grandmother would pick out. We wanted modern, simple, clean ... and Merry Christmas. So with a background in journalism and publication design, I made the jump to greeting cards.  

2. My favorite part about it 

The people. Sure you run into the ones that make you want to go crawl in a hole and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's (ok, maybe I still do that Ben & Jerry's thing anyway), but for the most part, it's been a blast to get to know people through this business. Some of them are bloggers I've met through networking, some of them are customers who tell me the stories behind their purchases, some of them are people I've never spoken to or met who find my stuff online and blow me away with fun posts about me. But I love love love knowing that these cards are filling a need for people. Thank you for the way you love me  

3. Where I glean inspiration 

Real life. So many greeting cards are full of epic novels that don't resemble anything I would actually say to someone. I try to think about words that would really come out of my mouth. For my husband, for my bestie, for my mom. I also take inspiration from what's popular with my audience. Many of them are young and hip like me (*cough*) and they use things like iPhones and Facebook and have a close personal relationship with their coffee cup

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4. How I juggle life 

 About as well as I actually juggle. It helps that this is now my full-time gig. And I don't have kids, unless you count my German Shepherd. So that helps, too. I've always been a list-maker, but I'm still learning how to manage my time working from home and not spending all day on Pinterest. It's not always easy to fit in walking the dog, making meals, grocery shopping, post office runs, blogging, designing, marketing, etc. Some days I do well, some days I don't. But on the days I don't get it all done, I extend grace to myself — and then make a plan for tomorrow. 

5. Questions? 

 If you have questions about starting a business, starting a Christian business, selling on Etsy, or anything else about the cards or my dog or my ice cream or anything, I'm happy to answer them! Just leave a comment or you can email me at stephanie@redletterpaperco.com. 

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