Jan 9, 2013

Real Royalty

Real Royalty

I've not a mansion nor minks
Nor precious jewels
Nor an infinity pool off the veranda
We've but one bathroom for the 4 and 1/2 of us

He drives a beater
And we keep down the heater.
I don't don those glass slippers
But rubber flip flops
That pit-pat-pit-pat
As I walk over crunched Life cereal
Lego accoutrements
Dust balls and squished fruit snacks

My daily attire doesn't bear sequins
But a tattered hole or two
And the roots of my hair
Are as dark as a lair
My sleeping gown 
Has morphed from teddy to tee
I'm still a lovely she

There are crayon marks on the walls
Bearings of little hands
Little memories
Little naughties and no nos
I could clean the windows
But I just shut the curtains
The curtains on my castle
My palace. My fortress.

Though royalty doth not enter here
Unless you consider appearances by
The Burger King
 I am the richest
The richest of the richest
Surrounded by love, joy, dreaming, and Jesus
Which are, you see,
~mindy harris


alishamcclure said...

Lovely sentiments!!!

amykayparnell said...

I love this! Also, I saw Shawn and the kids at the museum. They are so adorable.

Emily said...

daughter of the King sister! beautiful!

Heather said...

So cute! Girl, we have only 1 bath for the 5 of us too! And it's quite possibly the smallest bathroom I have ever seen with the door actually whacking into the toilet bowl every time u open it or if one of the boys r peeing that can be a real disaster! :) people think its just nuts we live with 1 bathroom! We make do! We sure are truly rich here in our little homes with our sweet ones! Keep writing your sweet words into poetry its beautiful, and fun!

kaylee@life chasers said...

Beautiful. All of it

breitenbach8 said...

Love it! :)