Jan 30, 2013

We'll be fine.

This is the last week of my second trimester.
Do you, as observers, feel that the pregnancy's gone quickly? 

I feel like it's dragged on, perhaps because we don't find out the gender and, some days, it's hard to just not know! But I'd never do it differently. Baby's kicking me right now as if to say "ya got that right, Mom." I love this little sweet dolly lamb lovie baby so much already!

I've been enjoying beautiful blog posts from others. I let them do nothing less than encourage me (like make me feel less because I'm more relaxed about frequency of posts), because, as a friend said today, "You are growing a baby! Your readers will give you grace."
Will you?

Because when my sweets nap, so do I!

And we stay home a lot, in our pajamas. We color with 5 markers at once and "waste" stickers.
someone's gross trash in the street..not ours

I am relishing being able to give my attention to "just" two kids.
Things will be trickier with three.
But we'll be fine; yes, Lord!


Weza said...

Mindy I will always be here, reading and observing. The frequency of your posts is irrelevent in comparrision with the job of raising a family. Love ya and your gorgeous kiddies. xxx

Sara said...

I think all your readers understand that life gets in the way of blogging from time to time. You just focus on you.

Btw I am 25 weeks and I keep waiting to get my energy back but it just hasn't come. This second pregnancy is kicking my butt.

Lisa Carney said...

Hi Mindy. I have been following your blog for a long time now... You are doing great. I am a mother of 3 and I carried the same feelings. It takes me back to this time last year. My daughter will be 1 in March. Know this... Your third will change your life in ways you never knew possible. Your chidren will share the most wonderful dynamic you could ever ask for... Your older two will grow closer and rely, count on and help eachother and you will have more time than you think you will to enjoy that new little bundle. You ARE growing a baby and raising 2 other children.... That is no small task. And wasting markers and stickers is what stay at mommies do and what makes them so great. Keep taking those naps... I found they make everything better! Have a great day and you have a beautiful family!

Emily said...

you got this sweetie! :) you deserve some time to relax, we are hear and still reading. heck, i took like 6 months off!

Christy Niebaum said...

It does seem like this pregnancy has gone by quickly. I can't believe you're already in your third trimester! Your pregnancy announcement seems like it was weeks ago, not months ago.