Feb 10, 2013


I am sick. 

I peed my pants at the movie theater from coughing so violently. Two weeks of coughing. I'm stubborn about going to the doctor. I think it's too expensive. But I went and now I have medicine. So hopefully I won't sound like Fran Drescher much longer.
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 Here are some donuts. They will make a gal fat. Yes that's Fruity Pebbles on top. They have made me fat. Wilder says my face is getting bigger?
Here is Wilder very small. I miss him in baby form.
I am thinking of paying for my Pandora account to have no commercials.

I love the show Fringe.

Origami Owl is going swimmingly. I love it and am so glad God brought the company to me.
That's the end of this random post. We are doing laundry and making the basement nicer. It's unfinished but we are going to find ways to make it rad! I have dreams of a playroom with bunting and tissue paper pompoms. :)


Jenna said...

Thanks for sharing your randomness! I'm still sick too. UGH. And will go to the doc. Hope you feel better soon! Love seeing small Wilder and that fun park!

jackie jade said...

fun randomness! hope you feel better soon! coughing constantly is the worst. those donuts look amaaaaaze!
-- jackiejade.blogspot.com