Feb 12, 2013

The Biss-All About Having a Little Girl

One of the reasons why I haven't been blogging as much, aside from being tired from the pregnancy, is because I've just really been savoring time with the babies. Nothing is more important than being a wife and mother and all that nurturing/nesting/intentionality is in full force here.

We have been having so much fun!

Story rocked her 2.5 years old photo shoot. Naturally.

Shawn deemed her a new nickname Sissy Bissy, then it turned to Biss, so sometimes I call her "The Biss." For all that time we spend coming up with nontraditional baby names, we rarely call the kids their real names!
Speaking of names, nothing nailed down for baby number three yet. 11 weeks to go!

Story's dress: Tickled by Three Giggly Girls
Headband: got it at the Influence Conference
Boots: Payless
Beauty: all her own


At two and a half, Story is the center point of joy in our home. She wakes up saying, "hi, mommy, I'm a little baby bird!" If people ask her her name she says "I'm a baby bird!" And I'm the mommy bird, Wilder the brother bird, etc. All a sweet bird family.

Her vocabulary astounds me. She speaks very crystal clearly and people stop in their tracks over it. (shameless bragging)

Her favorite color is pink.

She loves vanilla ice cream.

Potty training has been a bit slow due to MY laziness/inconsistency. But her big girl undies in My Little Pony and Dora are too cute for words. Especially when she puts them on backwards.

Her favorite things to play are coloring with markers, trains, and dress up.

She has a few moments where I realize she's two, but overall she is a ball of fire/joy/energy and sweetness. She truly is the apple of my eye.

I still rock her at nite. I will for as long as she lets me. Her favorite song is Silent Night but we also sing Come Into My Heart, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, We Adore Thee, Row Your Boat, Rock-a-Bye Baby, This Little Light of Mine. Okay I think that's it.
It's practically church up in there.

I love her sense of style. She comes out with sparkly tights over jeans and non matching boots on the wrong feet, underwear on her head, a random glove.

She's pretty tough against big brother's antics. They really are two peas in a pod.

I could write about my daughter all day. Sing a song for all the ways she improves my life and makes me a better person.

Story and her brother are gifts I'll always cherish. I miss them all the time, even when I'm holding them!


Nikki Armstrong said...

those curls under that headband, so sweet i could just squeel!

Christy Niebaum said...

Shawn told me about the baby bird thing yesterday. So cute!

Dara said...

she's the same age as my Simon - he turns 2.5 tomorrow!

ElleSee said...

I think Story and I would get along very well over a bowl of ice cream :)

LC from theworldofellesee