Perfect Gift Ideas

Giving the perfect gift is not an easy task. There are things that I think should be followed when giving gifts.

The first thing I do when giving a gift is thinking about it carefully. Just giving money isn’t going to cut it, it sends a message that “Oh, I cant be bothered by to think much about you, here’s some money that’s what you’re worth to me”. The monetary value isn’t important, the thought is what counts.

For my nephews birthday I gave him the best bowfishing bow that I could afford. It wasn’t the best but he really appreciated it because he has been wanting one for over a year!

Seeing how happy he is, slowly unwrapping his gift, was all I could ever wish for.

So, spend some time thinking about whats the perfect gift you can give to someone. It’s not about the value of the gift, it’s the thought that counts. When giving, both the recipient and the donor are supposed to be happy. 🙂

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