Dec 6, 2013

Thinking about the Accident...Again

My recent lack of blogging has been to protect my right to privacy, as well as being positively swamped with comings/goings/to-do's. I frequently use Instagram and proffer morsels of things I'm learning (we must always be learning, yes?) on most entries.

I'm grateful for all the beautiful places this blog has taken me (namely, the beautiful place of YOUR hearts): spiritually, emotionally, professionally...how I've grown in community, been inspired, been challenged. I don't have set goals for the blog like I once did. Simply letting it be an extension of myself and my mood is so good for me! It releases me from self-inflicted pressure. There are plenty of other gals rocking their blogs, making money off of them, writing full time. That's not my season or calling and I'm so okay with that!

The car accident remains fresh on my mind. I happened upon some of the photos, about a week ago; many sensations flooded my still-tender spirit as I studied those images. The first being shock that I was able to open the driver's side door and slump down into the grass after all was settled...intact and barely injured.
When I start feeling like I can't handle the ways my heart must exert itself, the ways it must be brave right now, I remember God's divine intervention that day in October. And how the back seat/rear side/roof of the car got the brunt of the damage...the parts of the car farthest away from me.
And while this may seem silly to you, my Origami Owl "miracle" tag, and angel wing dangle, two of the jewelry inventory items that were jostled around in the car during its flips, are gone for good. I'm thankful I didn't lose too much inventory...and think it's awesome that those two little pieces happen to be ones we couldn't find!
 Maybe two of the guardian angels are wearing the wing and "miracle" tag in heaven trying to make some sales for me. :)

I'm truly one very blessed woman and mother!! 

I am thankful I get a second chance at life. It doesn't mean I don't long for heaven; I think of my home with Him all the time. But I rest in knowing He's not finished with me here. Not yet.

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Eric's Mommy said...

My Husband was in a really bad accident in March, which we are surprised he lived. I know he was being watched over. He has no issues from the accident either which is amazing.
I'm so glad you are ok Momma <3