Feb 22, 2013

Feb 20, 2013

Sib love

They wore swimsuits yesterday for fun. I may have not been able to refrain from all the cute swimwear at Babies R Us. :)
 I love the v-neck on Sissy's!

Feb 17, 2013

Blossom & Vine Print Shop

Hope your weekend has been as swell as mine has been! Our house may be a wee bit lime green but that's a story for another time.

I met Aly with Blossom & Vine at BlogSugar a couple of years ago.
She's seriously adorable, genuine, and a strong woman of faith.
She also has the cutest print shop that she just relaunched!
See my favorite prints below that will go in our house.
Let's hear from her heart:
blog // shop // twitter // instagram

Hi there! My name is Aly. I'm a wife & mama of two girls, and I'm also the gal behind the print shop, Blossom & Vine. My shop is filled with scripture, mostly because that's how I survive life: with lots and lots of God's Word. I began designing prints during one of the hardest seasons of my life a few years ago. Throughout my journey of healing, the Lord showed me how I was believing lies over Truth, and how that was destroying me from the inside out. Determined to combat these lies, I carried around a little spiral of notecards where I had copied down all the verses that spoke life and freedom over me. I would read through it whenever I needed to. This spurred a desire to create something pretty to look at, something I could display in my home, and that's really how the print shop was born: out of necessity and desperation for Truth to reign in my own life. Just this week I've re-launched the shop with all new designs and all new verses, in an all-new location, and I'm so excited to share it with all of you! I hope you'll head on over and take a look!
And now for my fave prints:
Time for you to go order some!

Feb 13, 2013

Love Bug Valentines

Since Wilder only has 7 other pupils in his class, I knew we could go with semi-homemade Valentines this year (guys, I'm sooo tired!).

I found some cute Love Bug Valentines on Dandee, A Happily Crafted Life, and was pretty tickled she even included a printable of the mason jar.
 We just taped our critters down but the original tutorial uses some kind of invisible adhesive.

I spent probably $3 and 15 minutes total on these and know they'll be a hit!

Feb 12, 2013

The Biss-All About Having a Little Girl

One of the reasons why I haven't been blogging as much, aside from being tired from the pregnancy, is because I've just really been savoring time with the babies. Nothing is more important than being a wife and mother and all that nurturing/nesting/intentionality is in full force here.

We have been having so much fun!

Story rocked her 2.5 years old photo shoot. Naturally.

Shawn deemed her a new nickname Sissy Bissy, then it turned to Biss, so sometimes I call her "The Biss." For all that time we spend coming up with nontraditional baby names, we rarely call the kids their real names!
Speaking of names, nothing nailed down for baby number three yet. 11 weeks to go!

Story's dress: Tickled by Three Giggly Girls
Headband: got it at the Influence Conference
Boots: Payless
Beauty: all her own


At two and a half, Story is the center point of joy in our home. She wakes up saying, "hi, mommy, I'm a little baby bird!" If people ask her her name she says "I'm a baby bird!" And I'm the mommy bird, Wilder the brother bird, etc. All a sweet bird family.

Her vocabulary astounds me. She speaks very crystal clearly and people stop in their tracks over it. (shameless bragging)

Her favorite color is pink.

She loves vanilla ice cream.

Potty training has been a bit slow due to MY laziness/inconsistency. But her big girl undies in My Little Pony and Dora are too cute for words. Especially when she puts them on backwards.

Her favorite things to play are coloring with markers, trains, and dress up.

She has a few moments where I realize she's two, but overall she is a ball of fire/joy/energy and sweetness. She truly is the apple of my eye.

I still rock her at nite. I will for as long as she lets me. Her favorite song is Silent Night but we also sing Come Into My Heart, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, We Adore Thee, Row Your Boat, Rock-a-Bye Baby, This Little Light of Mine. Okay I think that's it.
It's practically church up in there.

I love her sense of style. She comes out with sparkly tights over jeans and non matching boots on the wrong feet, underwear on her head, a random glove.

She's pretty tough against big brother's antics. They really are two peas in a pod.

I could write about my daughter all day. Sing a song for all the ways she improves my life and makes me a better person.

Story and her brother are gifts I'll always cherish. I miss them all the time, even when I'm holding them!

Feb 10, 2013


I am sick. 

I peed my pants at the movie theater from coughing so violently. Two weeks of coughing. I'm stubborn about going to the doctor. I think it's too expensive. But I went and now I have medicine. So hopefully I won't sound like Fran Drescher much longer.
  photo link  

 Here are some donuts. They will make a gal fat. Yes that's Fruity Pebbles on top. They have made me fat. Wilder says my face is getting bigger?
Here is Wilder very small. I miss him in baby form.
I am thinking of paying for my Pandora account to have no commercials.

I love the show Fringe.

Origami Owl is going swimmingly. I love it and am so glad God brought the company to me.
That's the end of this random post. We are doing laundry and making the basement nicer. It's unfinished but we are going to find ways to make it rad! I have dreams of a playroom with bunting and tissue paper pompoms. :)

Feb 6, 2013

Giveaway winners

 Yellow Heart Art winner is Jennifer Salter and Datevitation winner is Dara Granoff.
Contact me (marigoldroad.blog@gmail.com) to claim your prizes. Thank you!

Feb 1, 2013

Kisses in the Night--My sweetheart

spring 2009

Every once in awhile God will give me a powerful gift in the guise of something quite simple. Tonite, as I was laying down with Wilder during our nightly cuddle session, he fell into a quick sleep, rather than jabbering 90 mph. I took him in. I took that moment in with every bit of me I could find, to meet him there in a peaceful place.
Wilder, not yet 2, broken leg, sesame street

I caressed his face, my fingers going across his beautiful soft dimple. My hands feeling his sweet locks of long hippie hair. My lips giving him gentle mommy kisses to soothe him to dreamland. I love being trusted like this. I'm awed at seeing him vulnerable, arms outstretched in that manner that only children do...those few of us without a care in the world.

I hold his hand, tenderly holding each sweet finger, those silly fingernails that grow so quickly. I kiss his hand, then just hold it there, pressed to my lips, wanting to drink in his sweetness, his smell, his boyhood, his innocence, his bright beginnings. I could hold his hand for a lifetime.

I place my hand on his chest so I can feel his breathing. His skin is like cream, free from the wreckage of the sun, a freckle on that one cheek, same place as his dad's. Nose as perfect as the day he was born, yet unchanged from teenage hormones. Eyelashes like soft black caterpillars giving his eyes a rest, saying go ahead, sweet one, we'll protect you from dust and bad dreams.
spring 2009

My heart has ached for him to stay little, as we make decisions about his education. I know in my heart that he will be fine, that we don't give him enough credit, that the world is at his fingertips. I'm proud that I chose this job of staying home full time. Some days I'm not fully in it, but I am a determined woman. It's this love that both paralyzes and propels me. Grounds me but moves me where I need to go.

It's too bad about the American Dream. We've got it all wrong. These babies of mine, that we've been blessed to nurture, are everything good and right in this world. Their hearts and minds are so fragile and precious and must be handled so right, so, so right. So devotedly. I'll gladly push away those selfish thoughts like you deserve this or, you don't have that because...for those lead to an empty person. A person only thinking about herself.

Just know, I do love mommy time, where I can go have lunch with myself and people watch. And craft nite with friends is a must. But my babies that both love and demand, are my greatest teachers in life. My greatest motivation and inspiration, with their love of heaven and how they know it's home. With their empathy toward people and greatest concern over the little things. With their excitement over a tiny scoop of ice cream. With their lilted voices inventing songs that make me grin so large my cheeks ache.

It is glorious. In these moments I am confident, capable. I don't need a briefcase or black suede pumps with a pin-striped suit.

Nothing trumps these sweet kisses in the night.

Nothing ever will.
my sweet sunshine wilder, spring 2009