Jan 30, 2014

We belong

Oh Lion of Judah,
Lamb Who was slain,
Father take my hand
And boldy claim
My life my all
You are my world
When my ground is sinking
You are more
You are big
You are home
And light
Life restored to me
May your blood
Erase semblance of sin
Turn me inside out
Extract the ugly
Flood me with your good
You are my living praise
The One I seek
The One I hold
My holy romance
Only you can calm the storm
Oh Root of David
You are my triumph
In You we everlast
We rise above
We become beautiful
We become whole
We belong

1 comment:

Whitney Conard said...

gorgeous post, gorgeous photos - thank you for sharing your poetic heart! so great to take 5 minutes out, read your words, and feel re-centered on Christ.