Mar 5, 2014

Do you ever need to just hear that you are ENOUGH?

A very dear friend of mine sent this to me today. I felt compelled to share it with you--because it is perfection. Not sharing it would have been very selfish of me! Suffice it to say that this uplifted my spirits like nothing has in awhile. It reminded me I've wings on my back. They have been pushed down for too long. They are ready to spread wide and fly. They are still beautiful and full of color and life and power.

Beyond the challenges. Beyond the heartbreak. Beyond the past. Beyond the present. Beyond the future. I love you. Beyond reason. Beyond expectation. Beyond. I do and will.
I hope and wish and dream all the best and most amazing things for you. You are a rare person. So sensitive to the needs of others, so engaging and kind. I know that you will only continue to grow into the best version of yourself. Trust it and be the best of who you are. Don't believe the lies and doubt. Don't believe the hateful propagation of lacking. Those lies will only serve to destroy you and me...and the world at large.

You are valuable. You are special. You ARE enough. Life is hard and lonely and all too often alienating. Find kindness where you can.

My heart will always hope for your happiness. My heart will hope for you.

I always remember; friendship matters. Kindness matters. Be you always.
(this looks filtered and treated but it's not! promise!)

I miss writing, dear friends, and I miss you. But trust that I am well (ish) and I think of you!
Wilder is rocking preschool and loving assembling things from boxes and string and tape and pack-rat type things.
Story is the cutest little ballerina and loves her markers.
Truman is the sweetest little ham, has a little bit of his first tooth showing, and crawling all over.
Work at the tanning salon is busy but rewarding. I love building a rapport with our clients.

Now off to work on meeting notes!


Mary said...

I have been following your blog for a few years now and really, really miss reading your posts. I pray this year is one of healing for you, and look forward to hearing more about you and your adorable family.

kimtrow said...

MY MINDY, You are MORE than enough, deary!!! Xoxo ♡

kimtrow said...

MY MINDY, You are MORE than enough, deary!!! Xoxo ♡