Champagne Cork Angel Ornament DIY

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This holiday season I have been a *tad bit* obsessed with making wine cork ornaments.  I have been collecting them for quite some time with visions of Pinterest inspired crafty wine cork projects dancing in my head.  It started with my Wine Cork Rudolph Ornament, and then the wheels started spinning.  I have made Christmas trees and crosses since.  But then I realized I had 3 or 4 champagne corks in my stash.  What to do with those?  Why, Champagne Cork Angel Ornaments, of course! 😉
What you will need:1 champagne cork1 wine cork, cut in half (I used box cutters to do this.)Wire rimmed ribbon (I used 1 1/2 inch wide ribbon.)thin (1/8 inch) silver ribbon (or whichever color you would like to use)hot glue
This angel ornament is so crazy simple to make!  Just glue your half wine cork on top of the champagne cork with the hot glue.  Let it set for a minute or two.

Cut a 10-12 inch piece of your wire rimmed ribbon.  Fold the two ends in towards the middle and then twist.  Tie a piece of your thinner ribbon around the middle of the twist in the wire rimmed ribbon, then tie the open ends together in a small knot.  This loop will serve as your ornament hanger after you have glued the “wings” on.  Squeeze a little hot glue onto the back of your champagne cork right under the wine cork “head”.  Now press your ribbon wings on and hold for a few seconds until the glue sets.  Adjust the wire on the ribbon to make your wings.  Now take a small piece of your thinner ribbon and glue it around the top of your wine cork head to make the angel’s halo.

And there you go!  A pretty and unique Champagne Cork Angel Ornament! 🙂
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Happy Holidays! 

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