Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie!

If you blog about chocolate, I will be your BFF.

If you blog about chocolate AND share the recipe, I will be your BFF times ten, and I will buy you stuff.

Did anyone see this recipe? Hellooo!!!! It’s called Chocolate Chip Cookie pie. I totally made it. I bought store-made crust, made an extra pie to share with my friend B, and enlisted Wilder’s help. I “had” to use Ghirardelli chocolate chips, because, well, we all know why that was. Sidenote: this is a great way to “cheat” and not bake cookies for hours and hours but still have a cookie like treat to bring to a potluck (unless you are like one of my friends who is grossed out by potlucks and doesn’t want to eat food possibly brought by a cat lady…like a cat lady with 111 cats or something).

Here’s pie pre-baking:

And after:

And as an afternoon snack today, post-run (I only did 4 miles; I am slacking!):

Go make this right now. It’s cheap, easy, and so sinfully delicious that you might need to make an appointment for a confessional with your priest.

Father, forgive me, for I have sinned:

And sinned:

And sinned:

And with that she utters, good-bye, friends, and breathes a sigh of contentment only achieved having eaten something really, really good.

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