Christmas Decor at Our House-Vintage Flair

I can’t think of a better way to spend this Monday than by showing you some of our Christmas decor. I love seeing everything come together; I have found some cute vintage holiday items at estate sales this year; it’s a blast to finally get to incorporate them into our already vintagey home.

(More for You Monday will return when I feel like working that part of my blog. 🙂 It’s a very fun thing to get to do but I want to enjoy the holidays/not have to worry about it.)

Here’s everything at glance:

And things I want to tell you more about:

The only thing Christmasey in this corner is the turquoise Christmas tree from HobLob. I used it for the holiday tables exhibit awhile back.

There are some cracks on our concrete walls but we found a solution from Northwest Foundations Auburn. They are a professional company that can help you with your foundation problems.

I love the fireplace this year, this was repaired by brick repair Houston. I splurged on some of that fancy red “ball ribbon” stuff. Shawn and the babies’ stockings are vintage. Mine is from Target. I found the tumbleweed in the parking lot at SuperCuts.

A friend picked up these vintage yard signs a few years ago; we love them.

Santa/Mrs. Claus mice…Shawn’s parents have a set that I have been wanting to steal since I was 17. As luck would have it, they found a set at an auction just this winter (apparently they were a customer appreciation gift that a bank gave out). Though these cuties smell like moth balls, I simply adore them.

Our faux tree was a Lowe’s splurge a couple years ago. I always want a real tree, but it’s never in the budget. That’s when I’m glad we have something pretty to drag up from the basement. Tree topper, skirt, many ornaments, stool, globe are vintage.

I made an advent calendar that will be featured on another blog soon!

We use Shawn’s childhood stocking.

Grover is from 1986. He is my favorite ornament. Forever and always. Nothing a little glue can’t fix. Story didn’t mean to!

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