Why I blog

In the blogging world, I am considered a veteran because I have blogged for so long. Over the years, my purpose and intent for writing has evolved. Every post I have written, every jot and tittle, every pouring of my heart, has brought me to ONE place of purpose and meaning. And that one mission is to encourage the hearts of women in their journey toward positive self-worth. It stems from a time in my life when I didn’t value myself. It is my prayer that you can find guidance through my writings. That my writing will challenge you to be the best version of yourself, no matter the stage of life you are in. I also blog because it’s fun. I stay home with the kids full time, so having an outlet where I can be honest, creative, or witty is highly therapeutic. I love to bake, craft, thrift, and wear cute dresses, so you’ll see some of that sprinkled in, along with posts about the preservation of marriage, faith, and family.