Pumpkin muffins are back!

As soon as canned pumpkin came out at Dillons I jumped at the chance to bake a batch of these. There were only 3 left to photograph!
The recipe hails from Gooseberry Patch Family Favorites cookbook. It was a treat to be able to give Wilder something unique for breakfast. We were stuck in a yogurt/nutrigrain rut.
Have fun welcoming Fall with these homespun treats!

Homemade laundry detergent

How’s your weekend been? I ran the Komen 5K on Saturday and have been phasing out the kids’ summer clothes today…

I also made laundry detergent! Having a family of four means having scads of laundry to do. Which means spending a pretty penny on laundry detergent. I decided it was time to make our own detergent; it was much easier than I’d anticipated. The hardest part was scouring the town for ingredients.

Found the recipe on this blog (very cute mommy blog by the way) but will re-post it here.

You will need:
–1 bar Fels Naptha soap, grated (amounts to approx 2 cups)-use smallest grater size so it’s super fine (found bar at Ace Hardware for $1.29)

–1 cup Borax (found box at Ace Hardware for $5.49)

–1 cup Washing Soda (found box at Dillon’s for $2.85)

–1/4 cup OxyClean (not necessary, but can be added) *I didn’t use it*

Mix all of it together with a spoon; will look bumpy, granular, and probably not all-mixed (that’s ok).

Use 1T for a light load and 2T for a large or really dirty load.

Drea has some helpful notes on her blog about the cost-effectiveness of homemade versus store-purchased laundry soap. She makes a strong case!

The smallest grater hole on my grater caused the soap to stick. I had to use the next largest size, and the soap came out in little curlie-cues. I’m not too worried about it because it’s still pretty fine. I’ve heard food processors can grate soap down pretty fine as well, but I don’t have one.
I doubled the recipe to make the effort worth it (Drea mentions a double-recipe lasts up to 6 months!!), and used Ivory as the second bar of soap. For storage I used a GladWare reusable storage container (8-cup size).

I feel very productive and Suzie-Homemaker-ish! The soap smells so fresh and I can’t wait to use it.