Redeem A Life–Johnson Family Adoption Fundraiser Bundle Number Two

we have changed the donation amount to be 5 dollars per entry!

A couple months ago I announced an exciting blog venture in that I would be obeying the Lord’s prompting to host an adoption fundraiser for my dear friend Julie and her family (read their story here). Your response blew us off our feet and we were/are humbled to accept your help!

Here’s a word from the Johnson’s when they first publicly announced their call to adopt; it is compelling, to say the least:

We know we have been called to adopt.We think about our little girl every day . . . sometimes so much it hurts.She is already part of our family.
Julie has recorded two pages in her journal of multiple ways God has confirmed this calling for us. Trust us, we have gone through days when we wished we had never seen this little girl’s picture and could just move on with our lives.
But we can’t.
God has continued to show us things through His Word, songs and people that point back to adoption and special needs.
If we turn a blind eye, pretend that we weren’t called, allow time and life to dilute and suck the momentum from this opportunity, we will be living in disobedience and will look back with shame and guilt at the time when we did not act.
There is a perfect place carved out in our family, just waiting for our child to come home. We joyfully look a year down the road to our kids playing together; 5 years from now, starting school together; 15 years – high school; 30; 70; standing before our maker …
That is the real vision. The real test. What will matter when this world, this life is dead and gone? Hearing, “Well done.”
And, by God’s grace, seeing our child there, viewing her Lord perfectly. That is the real purpose of our lives, not to be comfortable, but to be effective. To spend our lives for eternal consequence.

Help us redeem this life.

Julie and I have known each other about five years and she is very, very dear to my heart. She makes me laugh so hard, til I snort or pee my pants. I just love her so much. Her heart for her babies compels me to be the best mom I can be. Her faith testimony, especially as she journeyed through having two NICU babies, does nothing but draw me, and others, closer to the Father.

One of the things I admire most in Julie is her recent baptismal; she was baptized when younger but felt the Holy Spirit impressing her to make the public expression of faith again, at a time when she knew what it truly meant. Being present at that baptism is one of the most profound ministries to my heart in my personal walk with the Lord.
Let’s help bring their daughter home!


photo by Ian Johnson

Every day this week I will showcase five separate bundles that you can comment on/donate toward for a chance to win (please read fine print for details).

Let’s see what’s included in bundle #2:

White, black, red framed bow holder
4 glittery/feather hair clips
Two soft baby hats
One Christmas elf onesie
One butterfly onesie
One MarigoldRoad rosette headband
One MarigoldRoad original hoop art
Blossom hair clip from BreezyAcresFarm
Three handmade playdoughs from BreezyAcresFarm
5 handmade dresses

Not pictured:

the fine print:

all of these items were donated by the shops and persons listed. these giveaways are open to US residents only. please feel free to give and donate no matter where you live but prize bundles will be shipped to US winners only. everyone can enter this giveaway once by leaving a comment here. please leave your name as this comment. after that? $5 per comment/entry. click on over on my sidebar on the “donate” button and donate through Paypal. donate $20 leave 4 comments. donate $100 leave 20 comments. got it? ***please leave your email address with at least one of your donation comments so i can contact you if you win*** this giveaway will be open until midnight December 14th. each winner will be chosen using and announced on December 15th, 2011.

also, if you want to donate $50, for example, you can leave several comments on each post for serveral chances to enter to win. or leave 5 comments on one. mix it up however you prefer.


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