Marigold Road Blogging Estate Sale Finds Totaling $17

Estate Sale Finds Totaling $17

We have the world’s best babysitter! I came home from a long day of errands/appointments and found the children fast asleep, and fresh from-scratch Valentine cookies on the counter…Yum!

Hit the mother load of estate sale finds today! Wanted to buy so much more but most sales were on their first day, so things are full price.

Here’s what I scored for $17:

Red-checked cooler, cake holder, 2 felt owl magnets, 3 wooden hangers (for hanging art), burlap lampshade, quilted pillow cover, vintage Christmas tags, orange ash tray, Tupperware coasters, thermos, and a fun toy that has different sayings

One can never have enough vintage Christmas labels!

Off to cook spaghetti!

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