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More for You Monday! Green Couch Design

This is the most awesome giveaway ever.

This apron suits me to a T. It is totally me…and it’s up for grabs for one of you.

First, let’s learn about the brilliant minds behind Green Couch Design, Cale and Meg! I kinda super really want to hang out with them.

Our Story: Everything began to take shape early one Saturday morning over cups of British breakfast tea, while sprawling on a green couch. We had a dream to raise a family, build a business, and take over the world without compromising our beliefs, our time, or our quality in any of those areas. The couch became the launching pad of our little company. The place our dreams came together. Welcome to our adventure.

Who We Are/Our Heart:Bringing Design Home is the result of a Kansas girl who married an Okie boy. Together, on a green couch, they dreamed of raising a family, building a business, and ultimately taking over the world. From the patch work pattern of open fields to the random additions to the family farm house Bringing Design Home is the place that celebrates the design ideals of a simpler life. One that bridges family and work with a reality and a freedom that says you can be successful at both without compromising your beliefs, your time, or your quality in any area.. And that’s exactly what we plan to do.

What We Do: A husband and wife team; Green Couch Design is an interdisciplinary design firm and experimental design laboratory. We create industrial design pieces for sale in local shops and online, while also providing Graphic and Landscape design to Oklahoma and the surrounding states. We strive for excellence in all we do, and pursue a creative influence in the communities around us. We would love to work with you!

We see the creativity in canning with Grandma. The ability to produce a brand that lasts a lifetime with our kids playing under our desk (someday). It’s quality, not quantity. It’s simple. It’s about taking the focus of our life and Bringing it Home.Enter to win the super cute screen-printed Peace Love Cookie Dough apron, a $29.00 value.Better yet, treat yourself to something fun from their shop. And meet their design firm here. All photos taken by Green Couch Design.

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