Marigold Road Blogging What I Wore Wednesday-BlogSugar Dress

What I Wore Wednesday-BlogSugar Dress

The days just keep getting busier and busier.

I went to my life coach today (yes, I have one!)…it had been forever.

She told me to slow down. Be still. Be calm. Wait in and upon the Lord.

I am taking her advice. Cancelling 98% of this weekend’s plans. I just can’t do it all. Being wifey and mommy is enough!! I have these incredible children to nurture and connect with every day. That is most important!

The other things are blessings, but they can’t crowd out other things anymore.

A little less Mindy time and a little more FAMILY time!! I can’t wait. There will be dancing to flamenco music. I love flamenco.

Story and I begged Daddy to snap some WIWW pics before his busy work day. Sissy still in pjs,and me freezing because I’m in denial that it’s still 78, not 50.

My “blogsugar” dress from Kohls (Candy brand)
Pasty white legs-genetics
Black boots-$2 garage sale
Grey cardi thing-Target, ancient
Headband-made by me
Earrings-Made by Munchie’s Mama
Necklace-Soleil Selene

Hairclip-Larkie Lu Bows

I do not have the patience or time when it comes to applying fake eyelashes, so I got an eyelash extension from professional eyelash services.

My fitness assessment is tonight. Pray for me.
My MAPS craft presentations are Thurs/Fri. Pray for me to be a blessing!
A sweet friend left cute pumpkins/mums on my front porch. Total surprise. Praise with me.
I got rear-ended yesterday but neither the car nor I were really injured (except my neck/back sore). Praise with me!

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