Marigold Road Blogging WIWW-Mingling with Debutantes Style!

WIWW-Mingling with Debutantes Style!

Putting together the exhibit at a local arts center has been an absolute joy.

The fundraiser Preview Party was hosted last night and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences for both Ash and me. Keeping this in mind, why not turn it into a great WIWW post?!

Dress – KensiePretty (Borrowed)
Necklace/Ring – Borrowed
Purse – Vintage
Shoes – Payless

We took to the time to head over to Old Chicago for a nice drink with the air conditioning on.

The table was beautiful and designed with attention to detail. I will even let you know more about whether or not I got anything from the prizes!

Here is a look at what the babies were wearing for trick or treat:

And of course here is a peek at the coats:

Did you take a look at my guest post? I have been featured on TheBlueEyedOwl and ScottyBoyandKatyGirl.

To end this week, let’s focus on blessing our families and loving them as much as we can.

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